Hybrid, secure, inspiring and flexible meetings!

Unique Windows-based retractable center-of-table solution that creates an unmatchable meeting platform with increased flexibility. The system comprises 4 monitors with 4 integrated cameras, 2 speakers, 2 array microphones and a CPU.

Dynamic4 is an all-in-one meeting solution.


Motorized foldable product range that provides different working positions while keeping a low profile inside the desk and a perfect integration in the furniture. This aluminum monitor rises and leans, has an additional 180° rotation movement, and retracts inside the work surface in 2 different positions: with the monitor oriented up or down.

  • Dynamic3Opens and folds down. R models rotate 180°
  • Dynamic3TalkIncludes an independent lift for “gooseneck” type microphones
  • Dynamic3ReverseExclusive monitor with adjustable tilt and rotation mode


Motorized vertically retractable product range that provides silent, reliable, and harmonic movements using a patented solution with just a single engine. Dynamicis equiped with a variable speed system to raise, lower and tilt 20° to ensure the best ergonomics, viewing angle and visibility.

  • DB2ShareDynamicShare and HDMI cable integrated in DB2 retractable monitors
  • DB2The range that creates minimum impact on the furniture design
  • DynamicX2Slightly curved edges for a modern look
  • DynamicX2TalkRetractable monitor including an independent lift for gooseneck microphones
  • DynamicX2 UnderCoverRetractable monitor disappearing magically inside the table by the simple touch of a button
  • DynamicX2KMRetractable monitor with automated lift system for keyboard and mouse


Motorized single movement product range comprising horizontally foldable and vertically retractable double face monitors.
  • Dynamic1HHorizontal motorized movement with adjustable tilt between 0 and 70°
  • Dynamic1TwinRetractable monitors with double screen
  • DynamicSignatureDisplayRetractable digital labelling solution with a single or double sided screen
  • DB1TwinRetractable double sided motorized solution